I have always tended to work in series.   My Portfolios are collections of 10 - 12 loose prints with text and a colophon enclosed in an tied paper cover.  Each series explores a set of photos of a single subject, idea or place.   They a collection of unbound prints which are printed on 81/2 X 11 inch fine archival matte paper.

I like the way these portfolios feel and look.  The collector can keep them intact, or frame and display prints individually.   It is a way to collect my work as I have produced it, as a series.   Moreover, I have priced my portfolios so  they are affordable and collectable.  Each portfolio sells for $110.00 plus shipping. They are an excellent way to begin to collect my work.

So far I have made SIX special portfolios that you can see here. 

Photographer John Running

Fine Photographic Prints for Sale

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