MY PROCESS I make a photograph using an old fold-up Polaroid camera on Ilford’s 3000s instant film - a regeneration of Polaroid's 3000 speed film.   It make excellent black and white prints, but there is more, better than the prints, the process includes this beautiful paper negative that most people discard as trash.

I keep that trash, and carefully let it dry, because it is fragile.  After it dries I scan it, and then begin manipulating it in Photoshop.  Add contrast reverse it to become a  positive, apply curves and hues until I get the look I want.


I make my prints using an Epson 3800, then sometimes I select images to manipulate further, by flipping once and then putting them together with a reversed image.  The results have a rosharch look to them.

Then sometimes I add a positive to the negative, or a negative to a positive.

I play.  And, still have a lot more to play with.    J Running


Photographer John Running

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